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Encode plain text into scouts' ciphers

Choose between a lot of ciphers, different encoding keys, output styles and methods



16 Ciphers

A lot of ciphers that get updated frequently. Many more coming soon!

Custom Ciphers

Didn’t find your Cipher? Add your own and export it to use it again later


Change the key, the character sets or even the characters/words separators


Encode your text while typing without the need to press any button!

Audio Output

Export audio output for your Morse encoding with different speeds

Fully Documented

Docs will help you get started with ScoutsEncoder

Light/Dark Themes

Choose the theme that makes you more comfortable

Free & Open-source

Source code is available on GitHub and open for contributions


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Requires .Net Core 3.1 Runtime

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ScoutsEncoder is developed and maintained by Youssef Raafat.
A student at FCIS - ASU and a member of Saint Paul Scouts.

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