What can Otto do?

Like Spotify Tracks

Send any spotify track URL, and Otto will add it directly to my favorites.

Notify with a Beep

Maybe sometimes you need me URGENTLY, so type otto@beep and he will notify me even if my phone is silent.

Answer Questions

He isn't smart enough yet but he can answer some questions like Where's Youssef? or Who're you?.

Repeat Words

Tell Otto to say something and he will just say it. This command is helpful to hear whatever you want to hear.

Introduce Himself

Send him Hi and he'll reply back telling you who he really is. If you introduced yourself by typing I am X, he would really appreciate it.

Send an Email

Send me a custom e-mail of your choice, as it's the fastest way to reach me nowadays. He can also send me digest e-mails about his activity.

Block Third Call

Calling me 3 times in a row? He won't allow it. Nothing worth it man!

Wake me up

Otto can set my alarm to a specific time only if you are a trusted contact.

Add Calendar Events

If we have a meeting or something soon, ask him to put it on my calendar.